With the ZOU! STUDENT PASS unlimited bus and train journeys in the Southern Region

Thanks to the Southern Region, schoolchildren, students, apprentices, vocational training trainees, and health and social training students, aged between 3 and 26, living and studying in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur territory can benefit from a single transport subscription.

Valid from 1 September to 31 August, this pass offers the possibility of unlimited access to buses and trains throughout the region for only €110 (excluding urban public transport of conurbations or metropolitan areas). It can be used, not only for everyday school trips, but also for leisure trips, even during school holidays.

Your mobility, our priority.

Renaud Muselier - President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region

The 10 advantages of the ZOU ! Student PASS

1. Seven times more young beneficiaries

The new ZOU! STUDENT PASS offers the possibility to travel for ALL young people of the territory, 750,000 young people in training and education, aged between 3 and 26, living and studying in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur territory, namely :

  • schoolchildren,
  • students,
  • apprentices,
  • trainees in vocational training
  • professionals and students in health and social training.

2. Unlimited travel throughout the year

The new ZOU! STUDENT PASS allows you unlimited travel by ZOU! bus and train, every day of the week, whether for school trips or for leisure.

3. A fair price for all young people in training

The new subscription offers the same price regardless of the place of residence.

This measure was taken with the desire to harmonise and simplify the offers of transport and fares across the country for young people. This was not the case previously.

Transport subscriptions varied according to the regional department and the choice of the operator. The price could be as high as 150 Euros per year. In short: to offer more transport to everyone at the same price.

4. Prices adapted for each situation

The new subscription offers discounts to facilitate access to the ZOU! STUDENT PASS :

  • for low-income families: half-price at €55 for students whose Family Quotient is less than or equal to €700
  • for large families: price up to €55 from the 3rd child holding a ZOU! STUDENT PASS (Deferred reimbursement and application from 1 November 2019)
  • to old subscribers: preferential price of €70, transitory for the 2019-2020 school year

5. More sustainable mobility

By facilitating access to public transport throughout the regional network, the ZOU! STUDENT PASS is a response to climate issues in the Southern Region for :

  • developing sustainable mobility
  • increasing the freedom of movement for young people and their parents all year round, outside of school circuits
  • accompanying behavioural change
  • protecting the environment, and ensuring the health and well-being of inhabitants

6. A more innovative and advantageous PASS

  • Unlimited travelling on ZOU! trains and coaches included in a school transport pass. The Southern Region is the first region to offer this type of unique service (outside of the Ile-de-France region).
  • Unlimited traffic on the 850 coach lines (long-distance, and regional and school express lines, subject to circumstances) and the 157 trains (TER and Provence Railways) of the ZOU! network for 11 Euros per month (free in July and August)!
  • The ZOU! STUDENT PASS price is below average transport prices in other regions, i.e. 115 Euros only including home-school connections (source: 2018-2019 tariffs available on regional websites, school transport only, with the exception of Ile de France.

7. More benefits for young people

The new ZOU! STUDENT PASS formula allows young people to travel daily to their schools as well as to make all other leisure trips throughout the regional network, on TER, ZOU! coaches and Provence Railways, even during school holidays, weekdays and weekends included.

8. More ways to respond to your requests

The Region and the SNCF have implemented new ways to respond to your requests :

  • a SNCF telephone number in case of difficulty: 09 69 36 75 75, available from 8:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. In order to prepare for the start of the school year, the SNCF will respond to users during the same hours on that particular weekend (no need to call the Region or to go to the station)
  • 20 additional operators mobilised to respond to users

9. Temporary transportation documents

If you have not received your pass after payment of your subscription, you can print out the QR codes contained in the return email you have received to use the transport until you receive your ZOU! STUDENT PASS.

10. More solutions adapted for your registration

Depending on your needs, several solutions are available to you :

  • to inform and guide you according to your situation, using one of the forms available on this page.
  • to subscribe to a ZOU! STUDENT PASS on the TER website (main use of trains) :
    – via customer service contact form : access the form
    – or by calling 0 800 11 40 23 (free service and call) every day from 7:00 to 21:30.
  • o subscribe to a ZOU! STUDENT PASS on the website info-LER (main use of coaches): contact the customer service at 0 809 400 013.
  • for school transport: contact customer service on 04 86 88 50 50
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