Getting around by bicycle

To get around easily by bicycle, the ZOU! transport network offers several services to help integrate this form of transport into your travel plans.

Book a place in a bicycle shelter

Secure bicycle parking is available to park your bicycle at most railway stations and stops in the Region.
Remember to reserve your spot!

Taking your bicycle on buses and trains

Many ZOU! lines allow you to carry your bicycle on board, under certain conditions:

We board a TER train

Transportation is free and without reservation. This service is available subject to available spaces (avoid rush hours!). To board with your bicycle, go to the positions allocated for this purpose, indicated by a pictogram placed on the outside doors of the train.

We board a bus

The transport of your bicycle is often permitted on a bus. To board with your bicycle, place it in the hold. It is strongly recommended to transport your bicycle secured in a protective cover.
To find out about the conditions for transport of bicycles or reservation on board the ZOU! nozzles, please:

cycle routes

The ZOU! network offers approximately 800 km of cycle routes within the regional territory: these routes are intended for cyclists crossing the region and integrate with wider itineraries.

The “EV8- The Mediterranean by Bike” and the “EV17-ViaRhôna” run through several European countries, and two other cycle routes are nationwide.

These routes are of major tourist interest because of the richness and diversity of the regional countryside you can travel through. In addition, the development of cycle routes towards the exchange hubs and communes they pass through, make them a mobility asset in everyday life.